Kelly Chapman's
then four-year-old daughter Kendall announced one day: “Mommy, I want to be a princess when I grow up.” From that innocent exchange the Lord began to grow a passion in Kelly's heart for teaching others about their royal identity in Christ. Her daughter’s desire to be a princess inspired Kelly's book Princess with a Purpose and led eventually to the 2004 founding of Royal Purpose Ministries, a non denominational ministry teaching girls (and later on, boys) about their true identity in Christ.

Now, through her children’s programs and many speaking engagements across the United States, Kelly spreads her passion for teaching God’s Word with enthusiasm and humor.
Harvest House Publishers has recently partnered with Kelly to help make numerous resources available such as the Princess with a Purpose picture book, curriculum kit and activity book. There's also a matching set for boys called Warrior Prince for God. Both the boy's and girl's series include music CDs.

As a journalism student at Texas A&M University Kelly met and later married her college sweetheart, Brit. They have been married for nearly 20 years. The Lord has blessed them with two children, daughter Kendall and son Luke. The Chapmans attend Second Baptist Church in Houston where Kelly has taught adult Bible Study classes for over thirteen years. As a family they enjoy snow skiing, hiking, Mexican food and playing with their dog, Bean.

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