Harbinger Media Partners is a media company created to produce high quality theatrical films that honor God and inspire viewers to pursue Him and serve others . "God honoring" films are those that bring glory and honor to God by being consistent with Biblical principles and the teachings of Jesus.

Principals Jason Atkins, Wesley Legg and John Gray have set up their first project,
Unconditional, for a theatrical release in fall 2012.


Unconditional, the movie
. A tale of mystery and triumph wrapped in love. Longing to find her husband's killer, Samantha Crawford (Lynn Collins) is reunited with a long lost friend Joe Bradford (Michael Ealy) who is dying of kidney disease. After seeing the tireless love of Joe giving his last days to fatherless children in an at-risk community, Sam learns that the sun is always shining above the darkest clouds of life. Even so, the innocence of a child must compete with the lure of revenge as Sam gets her heart's desire, to see the killer face to face.