In Hard Fighting Soldier: Finding God in Trials, Tragedies, and Triumphs, Rev. Chette Williams tells how God transformed his life and continues to use him to influence football players at Auburn and beyond. As a player in the 1980s, some of Williams' Auburn teammates said he "wasn't worth praying for." He was a mean, bitter, angry young man, and when Coach Pat Dye kicked him off the team, nobody was surprised. With God's help, Williams turned his life around and he vowed to help others to do the same.

Throughout Auburn's perfect 13-0 season in 2004, Coach Tommy Tuberville gave Williams credit for leading the team through adversity to success: "He was the rock we held on to. I knew my assistant coaches and I would need help, and what better person to have than a man of the Lord who played football at Auburn and knows what these players go through... Chette Williams understands their aches and pains, their problems away from football, and all the situations and temptations that can arise. He’s been there… ask a player what Chette means to him, and he’s likely to say, ‘He’s like a father. He’s always there for me.’ In that way Chette is modeling our Lord and leading these young men into a closer relationship with Him."