Keith and Kristyn Getty have been at the forefront of the modern hymn movement over the past decade, successfully bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary music.

Kristyn is both an accomplished songwriter and artist, having penned children's musicals and been featured with Christian music's Margaret Becker and Celtic artist Joanne Hogg on the New Irish Hymns series, among her diverse credits. However, since marrying Keith two years ago, the plight and power of the modern hymn has won Kristyn's heart too, and she's now dedicated to reviving the art alongside her husband.

Raised in a Christian home in Northern Ireland, multi-talented instrumentalist and composer Keith Getty first learned to play guitar, but later studied flute under renowned Irish flautist Sir James Galway. Ironically, it was Keith's piano arrangements that most intrigued Galway and opened music industry doors. Keith has since orchestrated and arranged hundreds of recordings, concerts, theater, television and film—including Michael W. Smith's 2004
Healing Rain CD, as well as producing and composing (with Kristyn) for the internationally renowned African Children's Choir.

Keith & Kristyn are working with an emerging group of new hymn writers to preserve—and advance—this beloved musical medium. They carry forward a worthy tradition so future generations can enjoy timeless theology set to history's most enduring melodies.

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