Sherwood Baptist Church is a contemporary Southern Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, with traditional values. The Church exists to touch the whole world with the whole Word, motivated by a passion for Christ and compassion for all people. Seeing a George Barna study showing the church sliding down the list of cultural influences—even as movies, media and music were rising, Sherwood realized they could either complain or act.

Not long after that, Senior Pastor Michael Catt was at a Youth Camp where Alex Kendrick was preaching. Catt was so impressed with Kendrick’s video and media talents and asked where he wanted to be in ten years. The answer was, “I want to make movies, but no church is going to let me stay on staff and do that.” So Catt replied, “Why not? Bring me a script and a budget, and let’s see if God is in it.” Alex was hired as Media Minister, Sherwood Pictures was founded, and eventually Alex’s brother Stephen was also hired to help fulfill an ambitious vision.

Says Catt: "The Kendrick brothers are an asset to our staff. They have a great respect for pastoral authority and are very teachable. They have put aside egos and brotherly competition to produce movies that have made a mark on our church, on the culture and around the world."